The Turnpike, The Mela, Family Art Club

As an Associate Artist with The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh: Arts Workshops and Projects in the gallery, with youth groups and in schools.

Art Explorers – Soapbox Theatre Group – Clayton-le-Woods Primary School – Cansfield High School

Manchester Mega Mela (2017 & 2018) Banner Painting and Flag Making workshops inviting young and old to create their own flag or bunting piece.

Heart of Glass Family Art Club (2014 – 2016) Leading arts workshop sessions:

The Rise of Black Gold (2015) A painting workshop based around the theme of coal mining; reflecting the history of the town of St Helens. We invited local children, families and young people to participate in creating our very old coal mine using only gold paint on a black floor canvas

Menagerie Masks (2016) Engaging families in mask making activities.  Decorating our own animal masks to take home.

Assiting Other Artists: Claire Weetman (Printing), Jane Barwood (Lantern Bags), Kira Meyer (Stained Glass Lanterns) , Polly Brannan (Cardboard City), Robyn Woolston (Globes), Jim Medway (Cartoons & illustration)


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