SpareParts Festival

Working in collaboration with Laura Lomax Design, we designed and installed site decoration at the SparepARTS Festival (2016 – 2018) – the arts part of Sandbach, Crewe and Fleetwood Transport festivals

Spareparts Festival

Flags, bunting and signage brought a burst of colour to local parks and town centre spaces.

“Flock Together” (2019)

Working with young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS) and local mobility scooter drivers we designed and made wings to decorate mobility scoooters and made headresses for participants to wear in the Spareparts Parade in Fleetwood.

Hot Air Balloons (2019)

Working with the lovely volunteers at Sandbach Art Rooms we created our very own Hot Air Balloon Lanterns from willow withy and tissue to carry in the Crewe Spareparts Parade.

“Cogs in Motion” (2018)

We ran a series of workshops prior to the event, to create additional site decoration elements with local families, organisations, schools and community groups which could also be carried in the Parade.

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